A 100% QuEbec company

Choosing Normandin means choosing local companies.

For over 50 years, we’ve surrounded ourselves with local producers and entrepreneurs who contribute every day to Québec’s economy. We’re proud to be a Québec business.

A varied menu. Courteous service. Exceptional value for your money. These are the main ingredients behind Normandin’s success.

The love story between Normandin and Quebecers is as strong as ever. We were an instant hit in 1969 when the first Normandin opened in Québec City’s Neufchâtel neighbourhood. After several expansions, ever-increasing demand led to the opening of new restaurants. By 1990, the greater Québec City area featured 19 restaurants, all offering dining rooms, private rooms, counter and delivery services.

Today, the Normandin network boasts over 40 restaurants across Québec, from Mont-Joli to Montréal. Still growing, the chain employs more than 2,700 people dedicated to offering the warm, friendly service that Normandin is renowned for.

We look forward to serving you!

A well-managed and innovative company

Our divisions

Normandin is one of the largest restaurant chains in Québec and a leader in family dining. Normandin has integrated various divisions to standardize and maximize the quality and freshness of the products we serve to our customers. We have the freedom to create the business we want Normandin to be.

Our central kitchen

Normandin’s central kitchen prepares our homemade and exclusive recipes for all our restaurants. More than a hundred products are made here, from soups and desserts to sauces, pies and ready-to-eat dishes—all of which make up the wide variety of menu items we offer.

The central kitchen is also where the famous Normandin spaghetti sauce is simmered and delivered fresh to every restaurant.

Our distribution center

Our distribution center is dedicated to Normandin restaurants and supplies the network several times a week with trucks equipped with multi-temperature refrigeration systems.

The warehouse holds over 750 different products.

Our construction team

RestoConstruction is the division responsible for constructing and maintaining all Normandin restaurants.

It handles all aspects of project management: land acquisition, layout and decoration plans, equipment, and construction, right up to the restaurant’s opening. Afterwards, this division ensures that the building and equipment are maintained efficiently.

Our IT and computer programming team

Our IT division enables Normandin to benefit from a single, customized IT structure that centralizes data from all restaurants and divisions.

In addition to day-to-day operations (inventory management, receipts, payroll, etc.), the division helps the company carry out different projects and even evaluate the quality of service offered to customers.

Our hotels

Normandin hotels are renowned for offering unbeatable value for money for a stay in Québec City.

The Normandin team offers a personalized, attentive welcome. Rooms and suites are adapted to your needs and offer impeccable comfort and cleanliness.

Our breakfast menu features a wide variety of quality products served in a warm and inviting environment where friendly staff await you.