Helping each other out

Helping people is an integral part of Normandin’s core values—a value we share with those we encounter daily in our restaurants and our community.

Normand Brie Foundation

A family to support you

The Foundation was created by Mr. Normand Brie, founder of Restaurants Normandin, to support people who are motivated to overcome obstacles. A personal initiative inspired by values of solidarity, the Foundation acts like a generous and well-advised member of the family. It provides help to contribute to a concrete solution.

Getting involved to get people moving

Normandin has been part of the team for many years, providing extensive support for various sports activities, promoting amateur sports, encouraging excellence, and facilitating access to family leisure activities.

Participating for fun

Recognized as a family restaurant, it’s only natural that the family should be our top priority. This is why we support several family activities throughout Québec.